LG Mobile Phones in collaboration with the crowdsourcing company Crowd Spring made in 2010 a campaign that consisted in a competition to get new definitions for the next generation of mobile communication. The participant had the chance to give their vision of the next generation of mobile phone and predict what´s next in 2 or 3 years more. They were looking for “Cool New Concepts” or a “Big Idea” supported by usage experience scenario.

The participants had to submit in the CrowdSping´s web the design idea in any format, just must fallow a brief “4 tips for success” and a special template.

After the competition was finished, the best designs were awarded with $ 20.000 for the first place, $ 10.000 for the second, $ 5.000 for the third and some honorable mentions awards for $ 1.000.

The results were 541 new design concepts from 362 designers for only a total cost of $ 80.000 for LG.

Good idea? I think for that amount of money, any idea is cheap for LG.

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