Executive Summary

Business Vision

The Online Educational Support System will provide a web based academic coordinator manager system for Universities, Professional Institutes and Technical Training centers that give professional training services to persons and companies under the ISO 9001: 2008 and the Chilean 2728 Quality Norms, we are talking about the Technical Training Agencies, the Chilean OTECs (Sence, 2012).

The company will offer the owners experience and knowledge administrating educational institutes, to ensure that customers will focus on adding new clients, courses and programs, generating academic and business improvements which will impact their bottom line. The product will be a high technology workflow online platform that will make the clients´ life easier, leaving all the OTEC´s operational stuff to the company.

The main message is:

“While you go for new businesses opportunities, new clients or academic improvements, we will help you take care of the operational and administrative processes with quality, ensuring reliability, security and information opportunity, allowing you operate your business from any part of the world the 24 hours a day. Additionally we will help you with the documentation´s maintenance and storage to ensure quality norm qualification and certification”.

Growth Opportunities

The major opportunities come from the increasing companies’ needs of professional training covered by the government tax exemption facility, the one that the OTEC agencies use. This interest has produced in the last five years a great growth in terms of investment, participants and training hours. At the end of the year 2010 the public training investment reached the record of USD 237 million, almost a 40 percent more compared with 2005.

By the other hand, the OTECs have been required by government agencies to increase their operation quality, forcing them to accomplish ISO quality certifications, clearly an opportunity for our system, which provides the exact service to improve OTECs´ management.

Business Goals

This start-up will reach the 17 percent of market share in no more than 2 years, ensuring to be the best online management service for their customers and recognized as the “Number One” in the market. In terms of profitability, the company will reach the equilibrium in the second year of operation with no less than 20 percent in profit margin. From the second year the company will offer a wide range of services for OTECs and other institutions.

Here you can read the complete Marketing Plan.