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Uso de las Redes Sociales en los Negocios

By | Enero 27th, 2014|

No te quedes atrás! Durante el 2013 las empresas has incrementado el uso de las Redes Sociales para potenciar sus negocios. Notable es el caso de Facebook el cual ha sido utilizado con éxito por el 70% de los gerentes de marketing para obtener más clientes. Además, el 93% de las empresas utiliza alguna de las [...]

Como obtener grandes resultados en Pinterest

By | Enero 27th, 2014|

Una de las Redes Sociales que más ha crecido en los últimos años es Pinterest, se estima que debería llegar a los 70 millones a fines del 2014. Aquí puedes encontrar una guía útil para poder gestionar esta red y lograr grandes resultados, no olviden que Pinterest es una de las Redes Sociales más utilizados en [...]

Marketing Plan for an “Online Educational Support System”

By | Diciembre 31st, 2012|

Executive Summary Business Vision The Online Educational Support System will provide a web based academic coordinator manager system for Universities, Professional Institutes and Technical Training centers that give professional training services to persons and companies under the ISO 9001: 2008 and the Chilean 2728 Quality Norms, we are talking about the Technical Training Agencies, the Chilean [...]

Kit Kat: The rising power of customers

By | Agosto 29th, 2012|

The marketing communications theories have changed in the last decades, the traditional way of making advertising has less influence, the mass market have been impacted by technology, making it more shrunk and fragmented. This has made traditional advertising model more expensive and less effective. Internet has made 2 great things, individualization and customizations of marketing and [...]

Marketing Planning in the Social Network era

By | Julio 18th, 2012|

En el ámbito del Seminario Internacional de Redes Sociales organizado por el área de Educación Ejecutiva de Ingeniería Industrial de la Universidad de Chile el 5 de julio de 2012, el académico Marcel Goic expuso las mejores formas para realizar un Plan de Marketing utilizando las Redes Sociales presentes en Internet. Esta es su presentación

Seminario Internacional Redes Sociales en Universidad de Chile

By | Julio 18th, 2012|

El 5 de julio, Iniciativa Científica Milenio y Educación Ejecutiva de Ingeniería Industrial organizaron el Seminario Internacional “Redes sociales: desafíos en la empresa”. Crear valor a través del análisis de las redes sociales, red de consumidores, cambio social, credibilidad de la información y resultados fueron algunos de los temas que se abordaron en este evento que contó [...]

Use Simple or Complex Evaluation Tools: The Facebook Example

By | Diciembre 7th, 2011|

When we talk about analyzing the value of a company or a capital investment in equipment, R&D projects, new plants, new machinery or future ventures into new markets as well as expansion and inclusion of new activities, we have a various range of techniques to measure the capital investment appraisal. Like Ian Giddy says, “finding a [...]

Use of Metrics: Evaluating a Development Plan

By | Noviembre 24th, 2011|

The purpose of the present report is to make a summation of topics that a company has to consider on to implement a Metrics Measurement Plan. 1. - Introduction to Metrics in the Companies Most companies have several different reporting systems and productivity tools to collect and display data related to sales, customer activity, marketing campaigns, [...]

Internet Payments across International Borders

By | Noviembre 12th, 2011|

Since the expansion of the internet is growing and reaching more countries and more people around the world uses it, the companies are taking their web site globally, especially those that run ecommerce (Yunker, 2007). There are few challenges to aboard this potential online audience: develop web sites for foreign markets optimized for regional buyers, the [...]

Internet on Developing Nations

By | Octubre 25th, 2011|

According to studies made for the OECD and the US Department of Commerce the massification and increase of the penetration of internet in Developing Nations will be related to the significant divides between rural and urban connectivity, as well as differences in income, education and gender factors. One of the strategies to attract investments is to [...]

Web Site Design: Functional Specifications

By | Octubre 15th, 2011|

Project Overview Institution Information The institution “Programs for Executives – PROFEX.COM” belongs to the Industrial Engineering School of a Private University located in the city of Santiago of Chile. Its purpose is to satisfy the needs of executives and professional involved in the companies and organization management. Annually transmits it´s knowledge and practical experience to more [...]

Social Networking Marketing Strategies

By | Septiembre 23rd, 2011|

This study explores the use of new Marketing Strategies using Social Media Networking to promote product and services through the study of three cases that shows us ways to use these and improve our brand or our relationship with the customers. If we think in the traditional marketing, it relies on the advertising itself to get [...]

Drug Companies vs Facebook

By | Septiembre 22nd, 2011|

I found an interesting situation related with the Pharmaceutical Companies and Facebook. In August 15 of 2011, no more than a month ago, these companies started to be legally required to disclose all the information related with benefits, risk and contraindications of their products and if they sponsorship friendly or useful information about diseases in online [...]

Nestle´s Mistake in Social Media Networking

By | Septiembre 20th, 2011|

The International company Nestle had one of a case in Social Medias in 2010, and their strategy is an example of a bad communication that unleashed a corporate crisis. It all begun on march 17 when Greenpeace published are article about Nestle and the use of Palm Oil from Indonesia to elaborate their products and their [...]

Phishing, a barrier to E-commerce

By | Septiembre 13th, 2011|

Phishing is a criminal mechanism employing both social engineering and technical subterfuge to steal consumers’ personal identity data and financial account credentials carried out by email spooling or instant messaging threats. The way it works is that you enter details at fake websites, that look and feel almost identical to the legitimate one, then they capture [...]

The Community Managers, Do we need them?

By | Septiembre 11th, 2011|

Reading the article “Blogging: A new play in your marketing game plan” it´s very clear that now and in the future this new medias (including blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtub, and any other new social network) are going to be one of the most important ones to connect and be related with customers and get [...]