Project Overview

Institution Information

The institution “Programs for Executives – PROFEX.COM” belongs to the Industrial Engineering School of a Private University located in the city of Santiago of Chile. Its purpose is to satisfy the needs of executives and professional involved in the companies and organization management. Annually transmits it´s knowledge and practical experience to more than 1.000 students in Chile and Latin America.

The programs are related with Management, Marketing and Retail, Finance, Strategy, Data Mining, Logistics, Human Resources, Information Technologies and others. For this purpose the Institute develops extension activities like Masters, Diplomas, Courses, Certificates, Seminars and Workshops.

Goals of the Site

The main objectives of the website are to help in the diffusion and promotion of the programs and extension activities offered by the Institute, have an updated online catalog, develop an online admission system for students and candidates and generate the possibility to pay online. This final part is very strategic because will let the company offer programs in other locations like other cities of Chile or and abroad, specially countries of Latin America.


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